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Brass Square Nuts DIN 557

We offer finely machined or cold forged Brass Square Nuts. Made to DIN 557 or to user specifications in UNC, UNF, UNS, and Metric Threads.

A square nut is a four-sided nut. Compared to standard hex nuts, DIN 557 square nuts  and Brass square nuts have a greater surface in contact with the part being fastened, and therefore provide greater resistance to loosening (though also greater resistance to tightening). They are also much less likely to become rounded-off after repeated loosening/tightening cycles.

Brass Square Nuts DIN 557


d1 s e m
M5 8 11.3 4
M6 10 14.1 5
M8 13 88.4 6.5
M10 16 22.6 8
M12 18 25.4 10
M16 24 33.9 13