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Brass Male Female Bushes Bushings

Conduit fittings Brass bushes Male bushes female Bushes for electrical conduit boxes G.I. boxes Brass bushes male female bush conduit fittings slotted plugs fitting
For non-threaded conduits are either secured with set screws or with a compression nut that encircles the conduit. Fittings for general purpose use with metal conduits may be made of die-cast zinc, but where stronger fittings are needed, they are made of copper-free aluminum or cast iron.Box connectors join conduit to a junction box or other electrical box. A typical box connector is inserted into a knockout in a junction box, with the threaded end then being secured with a ring (called a lock nut) from within the box, as a bolt would be secured by a nut. The other end of the fitting usually has a screw or compression ring which is tightened down onto the inserted conduit Fittings.

Brass Lock nuts (PG threaded and Metric & NPT )

Brass Male Female Bushes Bushings Brass Male Female Bushes Bushings Brass Male Female Bushes Bushings
Material   : Brass to BS 2874
Finish : Brass male female bushes and slotted Brass plugs conduit fitting available in natural finish
Sizes : Metric 20mm 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 11/2″ 2″  (short and long pattern)
Threads : Metric / PG / Imperial BS conduit threaded bushes fittings available in Brass male female bushes conduit fittings