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Brass Bronze Tee Clamps

We are manufacturers and exporters from jamnagar India of a wide range of copper alloy clamps made of top quality Copper, bronze and Brass alloys. These are used for connecting grounding Rod to earth cable. These are also useful for bonding copper cable or wire to steel structure. Over and above the standard sizes these are also offered in customized sizes and shapes. These are widely used for their corrosion resistance, conductivity and mechanical strength.

Process of manufacturing: Copper alloys like Bronze, Gunmetal, brass and pure Copper are cast/poured in perfect moulds to cast high quality earthing clamps and grounding clamps. These are then shot blasted and machined /threaded to perfection and then subsequently assembled with Steel or Stainless Steel (Direct Burial) hex bolts/ fasteners.

Brass Tee Clamps Bronze Tee Clamps

Brass Bronze Tee Clamps