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Brass Armoured Cable Gland Kits

 Brass Armoured Cable Gland Kits

Gland Kit is a ready to use pack containing Cable Glands, Lock Nuts, Earth Tags and PVC Shrouds. It contains two sets up to and including 32 mm and one set for bigger sizes. It is a convenient way for the user to purchase complete cable termination components as he is assured of all the required parts.

Note : Free header cards with customer’s name and logo can be provided.

LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) shrouds are available on request.

Kit Details :

Size : Component / Kit
20 – 25 : Glands, Locknuts, Earth tags, PVC Shrouds and Screws – 2 Ea.
32 – 90 : Gland, Locknut, Earth tag, PVC Shroud and Screw – 1 Ea.

Note : For A1/A2 Glands Earth Tag not required.