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Brass Earth Clamp Grounding Clamp, Brass, clamp, clamps, Brass, earth, rod, clamps, Brass earth rod clamps,
    Brass Earthing Accessories

Brass Earth Clamp Brass Grounding Clamps Brass Earth rod Ground Rod Clamps  

Brass Earth Clamp Grounding Clamp, Brass Earthing Accessoriesss
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Earthing Clamps
Pipe Clamps Brass Clamps Copper Clamps Earthing Safety Pipe clamps Brass Copper clamp

Material : Brass, Leaded Gun Metal  Bronze Copper alloys
Features : Earth Clamps ground Clamps Earthing grounding rod Clamps are available in vast range and as per customer specification. 
Corrosion resistant, high conductivity, & mechanical strength ensures long life for earthing

Associated fittings i.e. Brass Clamps bronze Clamps Copper Clamps & Couplers. The earth rod accessories Ground rod accessories like Brass earth clamps and couplers available in all sizes.
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